Non-Toxic Bug Repellent

Repels: mosquitoes, ticks, wasps, flies, gnats, fleas and ants

DEET Free | No Phthalates | No Petroleum-Based Ingredients | Non-Toxic | No Synthetic Preservatives | No Hidden Ingredients | No worries!

Safari Armor Bug Repellent products are nourishing and moisturizing for the skin (even the spray) while keeping you and your family safe. Every ingredient has a specific role to play whether it's an active or inactive ingredient. 

Preservative: Natural, REACH-compliant, ECO-Cert approved, on the Whole Foods Acceptable Premium Preservative list, Non-GMO

Solubilizer: COSMOS-approved, 100% natural, No palm, No heavy metals, REACH-compliant

How these products came about...

"Many commonly used chemicals [including]...pesticides can be absorbed through the skin and potentially result in systemic toxicity. These agents enter the bloodstream and cause health problems..." according to the CDC.

Especially when it comes to our kids, what we put ON their bodies is just as important as what we put IN them.  Being a semi-crunchy mom, I was already aware of toxins surrounding us constantly. I also became hyper-aware of the prevalence of certain diseases after having my 4-year-old hospitalized with complications from Lyme Disease (her fever topping at a whopping 107 degrees F). It's been a long road, but we are in a better place!

Safari Armor products were birthed in an effort to keep my kids healthy! It HAD to be safe (non-toxic)! It HAD to be effective (actually repel bugs that can carry diseases)! I searched high and low to find the perfect blend of ingredients to repel many types of bugs but also work for so many different body chemistries in our family. This formula works INCREDIBLY well for all of us! I shared it with friends and family and it worked SO well for them, too! I sold hundreds of bottles within a few weeks of offering it, and they loved how well it worked for them (and the smell)!

So I'm offering it to the world.

You may feel like you're on a safari when you step outside and get eaten alive by the plethora of bugs, but these products are your armor!!

We wish you many healthy, bug-bite-free adventures!!